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Semester's End

It’s been a while since my last posting. Since then, I’ve picked up a second job, my primary job has picked up, and my classes like to have exams every week. All in all, a very busy week for me. After finals, I’m looking forward to a break where I can just racecar.

Owls Racing has been… interesting… We recently went through a rough patch where we had to do a major last-minute redesign, pushing everything we wanted to do this year out the window, unfortunately. It was a tough call to make, but we’d rather go to Michigan and compete with a car that’s been tested and is familiar to us than a completely new design that’s never been driven and may or may not work. It’s not about having the absolute fastest car, it’s about being able to survive Michigan. Any team that can survive the four-day gauntlet without any major mechanical issues is already in the top 40-50 teams. From there, it’s just perfecting the design of the car and learning more advanced techniques.

Photographically, I’ve had some fun. We’ve been doing some machining recently, so I’ve gotten a few of those.

The other night, we were testing mufflers, so in-between tests, I snapped this one of the inside of one of them.

We just got back from Thanksgiving break, so we’re in full prep mode for finals (yay). We don’t have much on the calendar until the end of February, when we might have another event in Georgia. With the spring semester coming up, we’ll probably have another one of FAU’s Get WOW’d events. It’s a good opportunity to get out and show incoming students who we are and what we do.

I’m hoping to write more next semester. With more events coming up, I’ll be able to talk more about the car. Design-wise, I can’t say much because we may or may not be building the newest F1 car-fighter plane combo.

Until next time.

- Kipp

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