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Photo by AJ Webster. Michigan International Speedway. May 2015.

My nickname is Kipp and I am a junior at Florida Atlantic University studying Mechanical Engineering. This is my third year on Owls Racing (joined in Fall 2014) and my second year doing a blog. The past few years I have been the Lead Brake Engineer, with this year being my second as the official team photographer. I specialize in SolidWorks design and simulation, AIM data logging, and not smiling.


I started writing this blog to show others outside of the club and outside of the industry what SAE is all about, as well as to offer basic explanations as to how different components and systems work. I'll try to keep everything in layman's terms as much as I can, but some things will require a bit more advanced vocabulary to be described accurately.


The idea for the blog came one very early morning at the shop when I was discussing another project I have going and the team was eager to read something that I learned every month on the team. So here I am, writing away so you lazy bums can understand racecars! Alas, I look forward to this endeavor and hope you all learn as much as I do.


- K

Owls Racing

Photo by AJ Webster. Owls Racing 2015 Michigan International Speedway. May 2015.

First, a little history. Owls Racing came to be in 2006. Starting out in the garage behind Engineering West with a few thousand dollars and a few wrench-turners, we are now over twenty strong in membership with a sizable budget. We build a formula-style racecar every year from scratch to compete in the FSAE Michigan competition in May at Michigan International Speedway.

Our past few cars have been 4-cylinders on steel spaceframes. We run a Suzuki GSXR-600 currently, weighing in at just over 500 lbs. Despite the weight, we managed to place 24th at the 2015 FSAE Michigan event. 

The club is governed primarily by the club-elected president and his officers, with advisors from the school helping with sponsorships and advice.

About Us

We are a non-profit FSAE team that designs, builds, and competes in a formula style car every year from scratch. We are also a bunch of gear heads who love to work on cars - whether it's design or manufacture or anything else - and watch them go really fast in circles around a track. Backfires are awesome, tire smoke is epic, and the smell of burning 103-octane fuel at 3 AM is like nothing else. See more to the left.


Want to contact the team? Shoot us an email at or use the address below to find us.


Owls Racing

Building 36 Room 190

777 Glades Road

Boca Raton, Fl 33431

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