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Owls Racing Meeting Day Through the Eyes of a Newcomer

Hello, my name is Blake Lewend but most people just call me Blake. I joined the Owls Racing Program just about 3 weeks ago and now am working along-side Kipp to give you a play-by-play action of what goes on here at our race shop. The team holds weekly meetings to ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date on everything that needs to be accomplished for that week. Just this past Tuesday we had our meeting that began at 6:15pm, in which we discussed the final design for OR-17, progress on OR-15, and business strategy for the upcoming season.

The business meeting was held with Kipp, Halle, Lunick, Max, and me and was led by Keith Wilson, our mentor. In the meeting we came up with a game plan to grab more sponsors, how to gain our sponsors more recognition, and how to present ourselves on more of a professional level, incomparable to our competition. There are a lot of new things happening this year for the team and upgrading our look is just the beginning.

After the meeting, me, Halle, Kipp, Max, and Lunick walked loudly up the aluminum stairs to the main office. Gathered around the desk, we read over the FSAE rules for the business portion of competition, held in Michigan at the end of the year. Glancing over I see the shop come to life with Dylan designing brackets for the OR-17 car, others laying carbon fiber over aluminum for material testing, and freshman crowding around OR-15 piecing it back together in order to gain experience. Later those skills will be put to the test when building OR-17.

There is something for everyone to do at the shop and seeing everyone put their minds and hands together to build such an incredible machine is awe inspiring. A lot is to be learned this year but with committed builders, designers, and leaders, Owls Racing will exceed expectations and be a force to recon with come May in Michigan.

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